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Unfortunately a few days ago I had to say goodbye to my dog, he was young and full of life. I made this video in his honor and explain to you guys how he passed away, hopefully this video helps you save your pets lives.

I made this video to raise awareness to the dangers of having exotic plants or trees in your back yard, some of these could be pretty harmful to you pets so please do your research and find out if your back yard is safe for your little critters.

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12 thoughts on “RIP My Doggy – Pet Life Hacks | Nextraker

  1. Thanks for the amazing love and support guys, I’m trying to get better after this and your positive comments have helped out a lot. I know my doggy is in a better place! 😇🐶

    1. Aw man! RIP Doggy. This was a cute one…. May his soul rest in peace and hope that you find a good one..🐶🐾

  2. I feel you I have seen many sad things with people and dogs I feel you because I have a dog and if my dog died I would be so sad. RIP your pup 🕊

  3. I didn’t know your dog died I thought the title ment somthing else so when I started watching it I was crying at first and then I was crying again rest peace 🐶

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