20 Barbie Hacks and Crafts ~ miniature LIQUID PHONE and more!

Watch the world's tiniest Liquid Phone! 5-minute crafts for Barbie!! pipecleanercrafts b miniature furniture, miniature boots, doll nail polish, miniature mermaid makeup, DIY miniature Starbucks, miniature snow globe, miniature Baby Lips! miniature school supplies: pencils, bags, and much much more! Dear fellow YouTubers. When copy content from this channel, at least give

15 DIY Barbie Hacks and Crafts ~ mini phone cases, syringe, bandage, shoes, and MORE!

DIY miniature mobile phone with phone cases! DIY miniature syringe, medicine, miniature bandages, Barbie shoes, and more! 5 minute Barbie hacks and crafts fun easy crafts miniatures the Nesquik was inspired by channel AG doll ideas!! please, support her channel: как сделать миниатюрную / миниатюрные / миниатюры / кукольный дом; 5 minute crafts barbie как сделать

DIY Barbie Hacks and Crafts – Mini Phone Cases, Shoes, Doll Bag – How To Make Miniatures Tutorial

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